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Not getting enough sleep is one of the most prevalent problems among this generation. Lack of sleep can be detrimental to one’s mental and physical health. In fact, lack of sleep isn’t the only thing you should be worrying about; poor sleep hygiene is also a significant detriment. 

Many individuals believe that they’re getting a good night’s sleep just because they sleep for 6 to 8 hours, but this isn’t the only thing you should rely on if you want quality sleep and to improve your mental and physical health. This is why tracking sleep can be highly beneficial since it can help people adjust their sleeping patterns and improve overall sleep quality. 

No, we don’t mean that you need to install a massive electronic device on your head to track your sleep like people used to do decades ago. Instead, thanks to the various technologies we’ll be mentioning in this article, you’ll be able to track your sleep using wearables or other types of innovative technology. 

That said, let’s explore in this article the best sleep trackers on the market.

Best Sleep Trackers

Top 7 Best Sleep Trackers On The Market

1) Oura Ring

This is a ring-shaped sleep tracker that’s been specifically designed to track your sleeping patterns. It’s comfortable to wear and tracks deep sleep, REM sleep, and light sleep. Oura Ring also tracks your heart rate, body temperature, and nightly sleep score.

If you’re unsure about your size, the company will send you a free sizing kit once you place your order.

Oura Ring

2) Withings Sleep Tracking Pad

Withings Sleep Tracking Pad is a thin and discreet sleep tracker that you place under your mattress. It can track different aspects of your sleep, including sleep cycles, heart rate, and snoring.

The Withings Sleep Tracking Pad also has a companion app that gives you detailed insights into your sleep patterns and how to improve them. The app can also integrate with other health-tracking apps, such as Google Fit and Apple Health.

Withings Sleep Tracking Pad

3) Fitbit Sense Smartwatch

Fitbit is a company well-known for its fitness trackers. However, they also offer a smartwatch with built-in sleep-tracking features called the Fitbit Sense.

The Fitbit sense can track a plethora of aspects of your sleep, including sleep cycles, heart rate, and breathing, all while syncing that data with tracking activity, weight, and mood. The smartwatch has other features that make it ideal for monitoring your health and fitness, such as GPS and a heart rate sensor.

Fitbit Sense Smartwatch

Furthermore, Fitbit’s Sleep Tracker Includes a pedometer and other features standard with Fitbit products, as well as personalized recommendations to improve sleep quality.

4) SLEEPON Go2Sleep Wearable Sleeping Monitor

The SLEEPON Go2Sleep is a wearable sleep tracker that’s worn around the neck. Similar to other sleep trackers, The SLEEPON Go2Sleep tracks different sleep patterns and other aspects, including total sleep time, light sleep, deep sleep, REM sleep, blood oxygen saturation, resting heart rate, Toss and Turn, and HRV.

The device also has a built-in alarm that will wake you up at the optimal time based on your sleep cycles. What’s more, the SLEEPON Go2Sleep has a companion app that gives you detailed insights into your sleep patterns and how to improve them. The app also allows you to set goals and track your progress over time.


5) Tempur-Pedic Sleeptracker

The Tempur-Pedic Sleeptracker is a mattress topper with built-in sensors that track your sleep.

In addition to tracking sleep, the Tempur-Pedic Sleeptracker includes features such as sleep duration tracking, white noise, and relaxation exercises to help you fall asleep faster and sleep better. The mattress topper is also machine-washable for easy care.

This device is suitable for couples since it contains two sensors that allow you to track your and your partner’s sleep. It also monitors the bedroom’s temperature, air quality, and humidity. If you need a little help in improving your sleep, the AI sleep coach will provide you with personalized feedback based on the data it collected.

Tempur-Pedic Sleeptracker

6) Amazfit GTS 2 Mini Smartwatch

The Amazfit GTS 2 Mini Smartwatch is a budget-friendly option for those looking for a sleep tracker. It has most of the features you’d expect from a smartwatch, such as tracking fitness and monitoring notifications. However, it also includes some handy sleep-tracking features.

The Amazfit GTS 2Mini has a built-in alarm that will wake you up at the optimal time based on your sleep cycles. The wearable sleep tracker has the best battery, with 14-day battery life. Another important feature that you might not find in other tracking devices is the stress monitoring feature.

Amazfit GTS 2 Mini Smartwatch

7) Beautyrest Sleeptracker Monitor

wearable sleep trackers are becoming increasingly popular as people strive to get a good night’s sleep. The Beautyrest sleep tracker monitor is a wearable device that tracks your sleep and provides you with a sleep score.

The wearable sleep tracker is worn on the wrist and uses sensors to track your sleep data, including sleep stages, duration, and quality. The Beautyrest Sleep Tracker Monitor also includes a feature that detects and tracks episodes of sleep apnea.

The device syncs with an app on your smartphone, which allows you to view your sleep data and share it with your doctor or healthcare provider.

Beautyrest sleep tracker

Does Sleep Trackers Cause EMF Damage?

No, sleep trackers do not cause EMF damage. Sleep trackers emit a very low level of electromagnetic radiation, which is not harmful to human health. In fact, the World Health Organization has classified electromagnetic fields as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.” However, this classification is based on limited evidence from animal studies. There is no evidence that sleep trackers cause cancer in humans.

Do Sleep Trackers Interfere With Sleep?

No, sleep trackers do not interfere with sleep. Sleep trackers are non-invasive and do not emit any noise or light that could disturb your sleep. In fact, sleep trackers can actually help you to get a better night’s sleep by tracking your sleep patterns and providing you with insights into how to improve your sleep habits.

Now if you want to further enhance your sleep quality, you should consider a more comfortable mattress. If you’re unsure about what to buy, read on.

Best Mattresses For Better Sleep

1) Purple

If you’re looking for a mattress that will give you the best night’s sleep, look no further than the Purple mattress. This mattress is designed for comfort and support, with three layers of memory foam that contour to your body.

Purple has over 30 patents for cushioning technology; the Grid is made from proprietary GelFlex polymer; the Purple Grid uses a repeating geometric structure to create the offer you cushioned comfort while maintaining support.

Purple Grid Mattress

The Purple GelFlex Grid is both soft and supportive. Its creative design creates hundreds of columns that work together to support broad surfaces like your back but give way under concentrated weight to gently cradle areas like shoulders and hips. The result is an instantly adapting mattress surface that offers the ideal level of support from head to toe.

2) IDLE Sleep Mattress

Finding the right mattress is essential for getting a good night’s sleep. However, with so many options on the market, it can be difficult to know where to start. The IDLE Sleep mattress is a great option for anyone looking for a high-quality sleep surface.

The mattress is made from luxurious materials that provide both comfort and support, and it is designed to promote healthy sleep habits. The IDLE Sleep Mattress has a sleep trial period of 100 nights, so you can be sure that it’s the right mattress for you.

IDLE Sleep mattress

In addition, the IDLE Sleep mattress comes with a 10-year warranty, so you can rest assured that it will last for years to come.

3) Eight Sleep

The Eight Sleep mattress is an excellent option for those who are looking for a comfortable and supportive mattress. This mattress is made with three layers of memory foam, which contour to your body and provide support.

The Eight Sleep Mattress includes a layer of gel-infused memory foam that helps to keep you cool during the night. The mattress is also resistant to dust mites and is hypoallergenic.

EIGHT Sleep mattress

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There are many different types of sleep trackers on the market, and it can be challenging to know which one is right for you. However, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly wearable sleep tracker with all the features you need, the Amazfit GTS 2 Mini Smartwatch is a great option. If you’re searching for a couple-friendly sleep tracker, then you should consider the Tempur-Pedic Sleeptracker.


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